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RVR - Audity - Advisory - Training
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Roberto Vilela



Seminars & Courses on Audit & Accounting in the International Audit & Accounting Standards (ISA / IFRS / IPSAS / ISSAI and Practice Notes (PNs) to ISAs, which provide additional guidance for Public Sector Auditors) & Brazilian Audit & Accounting Standards (NBC/ NBC PA -TA - TO - TSC) & US Standards (US GAAS / US GAAP); 

Accredited Instructor for the Continuing Education Program (CEP) by the National Accounting Council (Conselho Federal de Contabilidade - CFC).


Audit Financial Statements;

Perform Operational and Internal Audits;

Undertake Limited Reviews of Financial Statements;

Audit Internal Controls in the following areas (among others):

  • Purchasing, receiving, accounts payables and disbursements
  • Treasury operations
  • Sales, deliveries, accounts receivables and receipts


Due Diligence for acquisitions, divestitures, investments in enterprises and joint ventures;

Agreed upon Procedures relating to Accounting and/or non-Accounting information (eg., accounts payables, accounts receivables, analyses of contracts and/ or transactions, the balance sheet);

Tax Advice and Tax Planing